Friday, 2 March 2012

Hello!!!! Ok... We appear to have a problem this month.. well several actually! LOL
It seems we have now got pixilation issues on top of all the other quirks Blogger has thrown at me... So..... If you are having problems downloading.. please email me at and I will send them to you in a zip file.. Fingers crossed that works! xxxxxx

OK!! Sorry again,. but going to have to do this in instalments! Here are the papers... Finally... Now off to try and fight again to get the DT cards up! Grrr to Mr Blogger this morning!!! Closing date so we have time to vote March 25th... Happy Crafting

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Having a few problems!

Good Morning everyone and Happy March! Where did February go?? I know it was a couple of days short, but seriously.. it flew past!

Starting the month with apologies.. Mr Blogger is being very silly and will not let me upload pictures.... I really do not know why! I have two blogs.. this one and my personal one and for some reason, they upload differently... Hmm.. I must have pressed something along the way!!!

Ayway... this months challenge, and judging by the DT comments.. it was a challenge!!!
We have DT cards from Carol, Mandi, Jocelyn and Gill M which can be accessed via the side link Hopefully I will be able to get them on here soon as well as the papers.

Ok... February winner... Drum Roll Please.... The cards were all stunning ladies, you are all fabulous, but, only one winner, and this month is it....


Chosen becasue of the originality and Oh Wowness of her card! Congratulations Pamela... your badge will be here as soon as Mr Blogger lets me! :-) Also, if you are willing, we would like to invite you to be Aprils Guest DT, and with your permission I will be sending you some papers in the next week or so

Right.. that is all from me for now.. back to fighting with technology..... hopefully be back soon with pictures!

Hugs and Happy Crafting! xxx